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Mapping out Kenya’s Libraries

In the hall of the ACK St Stevens Landi Parish which was built to bring income to the church, is a section dedicated to a library when Ms. Milkah Righa donated books to the church for underprivileged students to read. They opened the library and called it Toto Library but it's under the church. All books mostly for Primary Secondary , University students are there, although they don't have books for the new curriculum. Other books on various topics are also available at the library. It's a community library.

It opens and closes from 8am-6pm and runs throughout the week since the church is always open.

They have not encountered PWDs yet but the church hall can be accessible to wheelchairs. It's not running properly since there's no one to run it and there's no librarian at the moment. Reverend Milton Shwashwa is the one in charge of the library.


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