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Mpeketoni Public Library

Mapping out Kenya’s Libraries

Located in Lamu Fort,Lamu Island. It was initially established for the internal fort staff but was opened to the public due to absence of a library. It was opened in 1973.

The library is under renovation at the moment. The library has an archive constituting artwork in preparation for the Lamu art fair;this has been recently introduced. They have student materials for reference and study. Are in authorship of a book encompassing Lamu culture. Have created a research collection. Have an ICT section with defunct computers but have internet. Open at 8-5pm on weekdays. Closed on Friday by noon for afternoon prayers. No access to PWD ramp.

This library is an award winning institution based on their cultural significance and photographic work winning the Maktaba Awards in 2011. There is a membership fee that allows members of the public to borrow books but access is free.

Our library ecosystem research project seeks to gather data on public libraries in Kenya. This phased out project seeks to gather information about these libraries (location, history, patronage, collections, etc) and use this information to create a digital, interactive and verified map of Kenya's libraries that can be accessed by the public for free.


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Mpeketoni Public Library

Mpeketoni, Kenya

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