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Kenya National Library Services – Murang’a (Murang’a Library)

Mapping out Kenya’s Libraries

This library is located in Muranga Town near Ihura Stadium. It is accessible to the public at 20/- KES to access. It has 3 floors with junior and adult sections. The library can take approx 200 people, a spacious library.

The library is open from 8 am -6:30 pm on weekdays and 8:30 am - 5 pm on Saturdays. The collection is based on academic books, bibliographies, novels, curriculum books, and tertiary books including law books. The common books are accounting and health books. They have a braille collection but limited access to PWD users.

This library has 5 computers with internet access. They offer computer training for students in cohorts among other training accessible to library members. The children's section also has programs and games in the library. They have participation with schools for library work and house Ajira and a book club. They also have OPAC and virtual library and access to the Uvumbuzi e-library. Access to this library is through a KES 20/- access fee.

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Kenya National Library Services – Murang’a (Murang’a Library)

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