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Kentaro Ogawa Community library- Thaita

Mapping out Kenya’s Libraries

This library is based in Kandaita, at the Nyayo Tea Zone area in Thaita Sec. School. This library is funded by a Japanese founder called Zensho and Kangaita Fdn affiliated with KTDA as a CSR project. The library has a sister library, Gitugi Community Library in Nyeri County. This library is open to the community and is mostly in use during the holidays. This library acts as a proxy school library and can accommodate 40 people. There is a limited variety of available books. There is no internet connection which limits the use of the library by college students.

This library operates from 8 am - 5 pm on weekdays.

The library has a designated computer lab area that is open to PWD.


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Kentaro Ogawa Community library- Thaita

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